Learn how to play GUITAR - Full 2 year course, lessons, instruction, tuition

Learn how to play the guitar
winner of multiple awards
Beginners to advanced

• This software has guitar lessons ideal for beginners and intermediate
• This is a full 2 year worth of guitar lessons
• Learn how to play electric or acoustic guitars
• Easy steps by step guitar lessons with examples how to play the guitar
• No need to read music as everything is done in easy to read TAB
• These are structured guitar lessons developed over many years
• E-mail support for technical and musical questions
• These are legal copies directly from the author, hence the good price and quality after support

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Contents of UNIT ONE (Year One)

• printable e-books ,
with guitar lessons and exercises in PDF format.
• interactive guitar lessons ,
step by step logical guitar lessons
• You can hear the lessons

Unit one (year one)

Guitars, guitar parts and basics

This guitar course is suitable for beginners, as well as more advanced guitarists. The reference section includes chords, scales and important information as well as types of guitars and there parts.

The first few guitar lessons include ; t he names of the fingers, The names of the strings, tuning your guitar, playing chords, reading the tablature and much more.

chord charts, scale charts and lessons

The interactive chord chart and scale charts give you the opportunity to hear how the chord or scale should sound. As you work through the guitar course you will find that new chords, scales and riffs, are interactive to make lessons are easily followed and understood.

The clear design of the course gives you the ability to see and hear how the tunes and exercises should sound making it easy to recognize if you are playing something wrong.

Professional guitar lessons

GCH Guitar Academy guitar lessons have been developed over more than fifteen years, with guitar students. Students were paying upwards of £ 1000 or $1800 to study the material contained in the just unit one of the course.

Many courses available on the internet are simply collections of information and tunes with no structure, or guitar players trying to share their knowledge with no teaching experience.

This guitar course is properly structured into months and weeks so you can follow the lessons in a logical sequence. This way your understanding of the guitar and your guitar playing skills are built up at a sensible and realistic pace.

Even the tunes have been chosen specifically for the techniques they demonstrate, to aid the learning process

Now 5 Games

1. Recognize the open string from its sound

2. Tune the guitar
up or down

3. Recognize the open chords by its shape. Now with 3 levels of difficulty

4. Recognize the barre chord by its shape.
With 2 levels of difficulty first position chords and second position chords

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