Learn Spanish for Kids! BOX SET 60 LESSONS 10 DVDs+ Rosetta Stone Headset

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Hola amigos, Aprendamos Espanol! (Hello friends, Let's learn Spanish!)

"Learn Spanish for Kids" is the fastest way for Kids to learn Spanish 100% GUARANTEED!

“Learn Spanish for Kids” is a DVD series that includes 60 lessons on ten fun and educational DVDs that teach Spanish to elementary age children. Kids love watching the interactive lessons that include memory games, songs, jokes, all on a modern “virtual set” just like many of the popular kids TV shows. By using repetitive teaching methods, exciting graphics, and lively music, these DVDs prepare children to become fluent Spanish speakers. The lessons are designed to create a visual link in your child’s memory through sight, sound, and speech association. Although designed for kids, these DVDs are fun for the entire family!


Recent e-mail from a private elementary school in Colorado:

"Good afternoon~ I wanted to let you know that our students, as well as teachers, love the Spanish curriculum! Thanks again for all of your help!"

Trisha C, 1st Grade Teacher CSCS-Woodland Park

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