Leather Bound Antique Fireman laws Of The New York Fire Deptment 1812-1860

You are bidding on this antique, leather bound book titled: Laws of the New York Fire Department 1812-1862 . Book cover is embossed and has a center medallion with eagle, fireman, and Indian. This is replicated on the back of the book also. There is a presentation on the inside fly leaf as follows: William F. Armstrong, Esquire from A.V. Davidson, Chief Engineer's Clerk, June 24, 1862. The printed publisher's page, as you can read in the pics, shows the book was printed by Edmond Jones and Company, printers to the Board of Councilmen, #26 John Street, 1859. Book is just what it says in the title; has all manners of information pertaining to the fire department, and an index from A to Z that lists all the chapters in the rear of the book. It's the laws that govern the fire department in that time period pertaining to hydraulics, care of horses - just too much information to list. Approximate size of book is 9" x 6-1/2" and 2" thick. Great historical New York City Fire Department piece as well as the fact that these laws were set down and laid out in a tumultuous period of the Civil War and the conscription of Irish immigrants who arrived in New York at that time. Many were given jobs on the fire department and many, many more were conscripted to serve in the U.S. military, over three hundred thousand in all. Buy It Now