Led Zeppelin Tour Over Europe 1980 Laminated STAFF Backstage Pass

Led Zeppelin

1980 Tour Over Europe

Laminated 'STAFF' backstage pass for the 1980 tour

This pass is rectangular with artist image and tour text/logo on the front. The rear of the pass has space for the wearers photo, name, date & venue.

Like new condition.

I collected these laminates for fun, buying what I believed to be genuine passes, however I have since discovered that some are replicas, therefore I have priced ALL passes based on them being replicas - though I am sure many are the real deal.


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If you need any specific questions regarding condition of the items, please get in touch. I list most items as Very Good, however as a previous collector myself I am shocked at what some Sellers, particularly big companies, consider to be Very Good.

I am strict on my grading and wouldn’t list anything I wouldn’t be happy to receive. All my items are from my personal collection (see About Me) and have been looked after.

CDs and DVDs will often be unmarked, sometimes have a couple of light marks, you are buying a used item after all, but any marks will be light
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