Ledo Signed Pave Rhinestone Conch Seashell Pin

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"Ledo jewelry is rare and it is well worth purchasing any pieces that are in good condition."

From: "Costume Jewelry 101" by Julia C. Carroll

From time to time I do see Ledo jewelry, but they are rare sightings, indeed. My favorite Ledo style are the seashell designs.

This stunning Ledo conch shell is beautifully crafted in two separate pieces and truly illustrates the excellent quality of Ledo jewelry.

The pave rhinestones are set on silvertone with polished silvertone winding round and round the shell, outlining the twists of a true conch.

The goldtone spraying from the shell look like ocean waves. Perhaps, this shell washed up on the beach and the ocean waves are splashing over it again and again.

This magnificent piece of Ledo jewelry measures 2&1/2" x 1&1/2" and is in very good condition with slight wear to the goldtone.

"Ledo jewelry was made by the Leading Jewelry Manufacturing Co.,
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