This is a Genuine Military Arsenal wood set - not commercial junk! In Addition - this did not come off a wornout rifle. This came directly from the Military Arsenal. This set is nice and never installed on a rifle - Set will show dust , grime storage dents and such - typical of military items stored for long time in arsenal storage. Please see pictures to appreciate this quality stock set and evaluate by your your standards.

Nice Set to return your nice Sporterized rifle to its orginal condition.

Note: The wood set shown is the wood set that you will get. In other words what is shown is the actual wood that you will be getting - NO unwanted surprises. It is nice. Please examine the pictures!! Metal assessories not included, but much easier to find than the wood.

Turn your sporterized Enfield back into its former glory and into the collector's item that it should be. British Enfield rifles have increased in value dramatically in the last couple of years , if completely military - here is your chance to restore your special rifle that was cut down many years ago. Investment has been better than the stock market.

Enfield #4 WOOD STOCK SET! I have been told that this set is for the Enfield No. 4 Mk 2 British Rifle. - The Stock Set showing dust ,grim, scratches and dents from long term storage. It will have
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