Lee Noble LePaul Card in Envelope Wallet-Superior Model

Lee Noble LePaul Card In Envelope Wallet One of the Very Best Models Ever Made
Well, I'm back to the Buy It Now option, so keep watching because several very nice things are coming on very soon. And, thanks to all of you who have taken advantage of it on recent offerings.
In one of my writings I mentioned that if I could do just one trick to get a job for a group of people (six or more,) it would be Routined Poker Mental from my book. But, if I had to choose just one trick for a smaller group of people (three or four,) it would be the Card in Envelope. Now, I am a BIG fan of the Bendix Bombshell, but for very special occasions I do the Card in Envelope, which, of course, cannot be done with the Bombshell. And, I'll be the first to admit, the envelope is stronger.
And, to my way of thinking t are only three wallets to choose from. As of about three years ago, t were only two in my estimation; the Lee Noble, which has always been my first choice, and the so-called Larry Jennings Wallet as marketed by Jeff Busby and Matt Corin. As of a few years ago, Bob Kohler introduced the Forbes Portfolio which ranks right up t with the two mentioned. But, unfortunately, all three wallets are very difficult to find.
This is a pristine mint, very rare, Lee Noble Card in Envelope Wallet.
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