Left Hand Dagger with Side Ring & Downturned Quillons.

Old Copy of a Left Hand Dagger with
Side Ring and Downturned Quillons.
My guess is that this is an early 20th Century piece, the pommel looks much older,
it probably isn't, but I think it looks it. Weighs about a pound and a half.
Balance point is at the juncture of the quillon block and grip.
Description: 11 3/4" double-edged blade, 1" at widest, 3/16" at thickest. No fullers. Unmarked. Hilt with iron quillon block, downturned quillons of cylindrical cross-section about 3/8" at block gradually flattened to 3/16" at end. Both quillons with incised line decoration, one side only. Quillon block with oval side ring, rectangular in cross-section, incised lines on ring. Grip wrapped with a single strand of copper wire alternated with a 2 twisted strands of iron/steel wire. Grip flanked by plain ferrules. Large 4-sided pommel with masks at corners. No scabbard.
Condition: Blade is light gray with medium and dark splotches, some with pitting. Guard and quillons slightly darker than blade. Pommel is black and has pock marks in some places, faces seem worn or flattened. Grip wire is not loose, but will move with some pressure. Ferrules medium gray to black.
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