Left Handed Super Strat Guitar

You are bidding on a Left handed Super strat with some beautiful neck work and great features.
The guitar itself is a bit of a mystery with regards to make, as it was discovered at a second hand shop. The first thing you notice is the incredibly striking neck work design of oriental dragons. From what I can see and feel, the images are inlaid into the neck. I had the guitar setup by One Way Music Wolverhampton (The BEST) and they helped me to answer a few questions.
Neck From the feedback and research I believe that the neck is ebony but cannot confirm. The neck reminds me of a neck from a les paul as its a chunky neck. As there are no fret markers a light strip has been fitted powered by a 9v battery. It really is a show stopper on stage and I always get asked about it when it comes out.
Pickups / Scratchplate The neck and middle pickups are Hohner Entwistle white pickups (Ironic as they are black). This was the first experience with these pickups and these are great. Nice rounded tones and great spangly sound. The bridge pickup is seymour duncan but I am unsure of the model number. It packs a punch though. Attached to the carbon fibre scratch plate is a mini toggle switch which sounds like it bypasses the tone knob.
Body The body is quite heavy. There is some cosmetic damage to the body. There are some marks
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