Lefton Yamada THE PIANO LESSON/music box/mib/nla

This site is a music box--The Piano Lesson designed by Yamada for the Geo. Z. Lefton Company. It is item number 12200. It is mint and in a mint box--both are dated 1999. It was made in Sri Lanka. The workman ship is wonderful--very detailed. It plays the Blue Danube (the bottom says this.) The music box works--has the wind up mechanism but a lever for on and off.

The hang tag is on the figurine. It reads "Based on classics by European Masters, the Yamada family has worked for over 35 years creating these timeless Victorian style figurines and musicals. Each work of art is crafted of the finest glazed porcelain.

The Lefton Company is out of business so their items are getting hard to find.

The Piano Lesson has a girl student with a lady teacher. They are both wearing long dress. The ladies has blue flowers with green and yellow accents. The girl's is pink with darker pink dots. T is a bouquet of flowers and a metranome on the piano top. Sheet music is on the music stand. T is a white dog with black spots on the floor beside the dog. (Hope the picture shows.)

I prefer to ship by prioirty mail for the free delivery confirmation number. I do suggest insurance because I can't replace it. Thank you for looking.