Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Moon Rock .648 grams - NO RESERVE!!!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Moon Rock .648 grams

Get A Piece Of " The Rock " - A Masterpiece From The Moon!

The first choice of Lunar X Prize Contenders, Billionaires, Museums, Royalty and Collectors everywhere, all of which have acquired major Northwest Africa 5000 specimens after considering all other offerings! This is the Moon Rock that set the benchmarks so high that it is unlikely that they will ever be surpassed.

Specifications for this particular specimen:

Weight: .648 grams

Dimensions: 12 mm X 7mm X 2.5mm

Presentation: Part Slice (Small Metal Clast!)

Notes: This specimen comes with a color identification card from the world famous Hupe Planetary Collection. This specimen came from the very last large part slice of NWA 5000 in my inventory, which initially weighed 354 grams. The cutting losses were enormous since I cut it into somewhat thin slices and polished every surface including the edges. This is the last cutting session planned for NWA 5000. I intend to load up the entire inventory over the next couple of weeks. Once this inventory is gone, this will be it for my NWA 5000 eBay sells. The asking price here on eBay is considerably less than what this material sells for in auction houses or on dealer sites.

About This World Record Setting Meteorite From The
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