Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Moon Rock .190 grams - NO RESERVE!!!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Moon Rock .190 grams

Get A Piece Of "The Rock" - Number One Rated Lunar Meteorite Ever!

Space Science Consulting Services Gave This Lunar Meteorite The Highest Rating Ever: A Near Perfect 24.8 Out Of A Possible 25 Point Rating, By Far The Best In The World!

The first choice of Museums and Collectors everywhere, all of which have acquired major Northwest Africa 5000 specimens after considering all other offerings! This is the Moon Rock that set the benchmarks so high that it is unlikely that they will ever be surpassed. I am the original source for NWA 5000 listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin so you can be assured of getting genuine specimens with perfect provenance. There is a very limited amount left so you may want to act soon if you want to own the very best.

Specifications for this particular specimen:

Weight: .190 grams

Dimensions: 7 mm X 4mm X 4mm

Presentation: Part Slice

Notes : This specimen comes with a Color Identification Card from the world famous Hupe Planetary Collection which has a signed Certificate Of Authenticity on the back. I am the original NWA 5000 Main Mass holder listed in the Meteoritical Bulletin so the provenance is second to none. Please reference the links to official websites provided below so that you will be comfortable
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