Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Moon Rock 1.0 grams Pure Dust!!

Legendary NWA 5000 Lunar Meteorite Moon Rock 1.0 grams Pure Dust

Specifications for this particular specimen:

Weight: 1.0 grams

Presentation: Pure cutting dust produced in a sterile environment contained in a small bottle

Notes: This material comes with a color identification card from the world famous Hupe Planetary Collection with signed Certificate Of Authenticity on the reverse.

Some Proposed Uses:

Scientific study - This material was produced during slice preparation on a freshly sterilized saw so there are no contaminates. Furthermore, a special pre-polished stainless steel and diamond blade that did not introduce terrestrial contamination was used. This material is so pure that the Washington University in St. Louis uses this exact same material as their calibration sample! Please do not confuse this offering to that which was cut on a wire or any other type saw. A wire saw introduces a significant amount of foreign metal to the dust as it wears down during the cutting process.

Security - This dust could be added to ink or paint for security purposes. The elemental composition cannot be recreated here on Earth. The chemical ratios are unique and could be measured using non-destructive methods for verification like an X-Ray spectrometer. It would be impossible for a forger to duplicate

Jewelry Making - Pendants containing lunar meteorite dust in a vial with a bale cap have been very popular. I have sold thousands of them containing 20 milligrams each using cutting dust from other lunar meteorites. There is enough material here to make 50 pendants! These pendants without a necklace sold for around $70.00 each leaving room for handsome profits.

Pigments In Art - An artist could mix in some of this with their paint and offer a unique product. You could be the first to offer paintings with actual dust from the Moon!

Pottery or Glass Glaze - A craftsman could mix this dust into a solution like water and us it as a glaze. I believe the color produced would be either red or black based on the iron and iridium content. I am not sure since this has never been tried as far as I know.

Time Glasses - At one point, I reflected about using this material to create hour glasses. My ultimate thought was to use all of it in a Lunar Cycle glass where the dust would take 29.53059 days to transfer from the upper section to the lower. I was going to hire a glass blower to make the object but found them difficult to work with.

Other Uses - I am sure there are a multitude of uses that haven't yet been thought of. I even had a famous shoe manufacturing company interested in producing a shoe print in a large amount of this dust for television and magazine commercial purposes but we could not agree on a lease amount. Their thought was to make the image look like the famous Neil Armstrong footprint on the Moon using actual Moon dust.

About This World Record Setting Meteorite From The Moon:

Northwest Africa 5000 is the largest meteorite from the ancient Lunar Highlands ever found. Originally weighing in at 25 lbs 6.6 ounces (11,528 grams), it was massive. Although the weight is very impressive, its presence is tremendous. When trying to portray Northwest Africa 5000, one may be at a loss for words -- it is simply too beautiful to properly describe. It is the most handsome meteorite from the moon ever found -- the contrast is incredible. The matrix looks like a black and white intaglio print of the universe rendered by a spirited yet masterful artist. This stone contains breccias within breccias, and the preferential orientation of clasts lends a unique 3-D appearance to flat surfaces. Generous amounts of shiny metal are present in almost every piece, adding yet another impressive element to nature's artwork. Northwest Africa 5000 is by far the most spectacular meteorite from the Moon, and has become legendary, establishi...
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