Legends Sculpture GERONIMO BUST Rebellious MINT IN BOX


Limited to only 950 Sculptures Worldwide
Issue Price was $1,500 - RETIRED!!

This bust contains the stern image of the rebellious Native American.
His eyes alone shine with resolute pride in the future and independency of his people.

Beautifully created in Mixed Media by world renowned Legends artist C.A. Pardell. This limited edition of 950 pieces is sold out. New in the box this sculpture is in absolute pristine condition with all original paperwork. Created in 1998, Geronimo is mounted to a solid black granite base, measures 14" in height, and weighs almost 12 pounds.

Proudly made in the USA, Legends exclusively publishes the work of living American artists, featuring sculptures which range from the stunning intrigue of Western history and the natural beauty of endangered wildlife, to widely celebrated Native Americans and historical leaders as well as Contemporary Modern Art. Legends has changed the perimeters of the fine art sculpture market through the creation of Mixed Media, the unique combination of brilliant components such as:

Bronze Sunrise Gold, Flame, and Pose Copper Vermiels

Fine Pewter Lucite (polished to a crystal-like finish)

24-Karat Gold Vermeil

An Array of Hot-Torched Acid Patinas

Legends originals arrive at the foundry in the form of plastilline - the result of the artists' sculpting, and re-sculpting, soft clay. From these originals, working models are created. Each sculpture is sectioned into a myriad of component parts and placed into molds for the creation of individual cavities, a process that helps Legends achieve the detail and form which are the trademarks of every Legends Mixed Media sculpture. Once the metals have solidified in the molds and are released, the component parts are soldered together to form the final shape of the sculpture. Meticulous hand work with fine stainless steel tools recover detail lost in the soldering process. At that point, the sculpture is oxidized to a deep black patina and hand-relieved with a combination of steel wool and sand, before it is bathed in precious metals and various acid patinas.

In finishing, the sculpture is sent through a comprehensive quality control system to ensure that the authenticity and artists' original detail are always maintained. Legends, from beginning to end, are one of the finest Art Sculptures in which you ! The Sculpture is in pristine condition with original box and all paperwork. This sculpture is a must for anyone who has a Native American theme in their home! We accept money orders and Pay Pal ! Feel free to check our feedback and email us with ANY questions! Our starting price is outstanding for this quality of sculpture!!

Original issue price was $1500! It is in absolute pristine condition with original box and paperwork!!
Our Minimum Bid is simply an outstanding starting price!


Actual photo of Geronimo for reference.

Truly a magnificent work of art!!

This stands 14" tall and weighs 12 pounds!!
This piece issued for $1,500.00!!!


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