Lego 200 piece BRAND NEW bulk lot parts & pieces

Lego 200 piece BRAND NEW bulk lot parts & pieces

This auction is for 200 pieces of brand new Lego parts and pieces!

These lots are the ULTIMATE LOT of Legos from Star Wars, Pirates, Castle Siege, Indiana Jones, Batman, City, Technic, Mars Mission & More! Add this AMAZING LOT to your Lego Collection TODAY!

Pictures are representatives and similar samples of the lot you may recieve. Since t are so many different Lego elements, Actual lots will vary.

These are brand spanking new parts and pieces.

Please understand that Lego does not sell bulk lots of Parts and Pieces. The only way to offer this deal is to buy massive amounts of bulk sets and break every set open. By doing this some pieces may be scratched or scuffed. Please understand this does not mean they are used. They are definately new Lego's.

As most of you know when you buy these new sets they are mostly specialty parts and pieces and very little bricks. T will be alot of tiny pieces included as well just as they are in the sets. These lots will be the same. They will be from mostly Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc so most of the parts and pieces as you see in the pictures will be darker colors.

Please understand what you are purchasing prior to bidding and ask any questions prior to placing your bid.
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