Lego 493 CLASSIC SPACE Space Command Center (1979) * VERY RARE * Vintage Space

** ** ** Vintage Classic Space Lego 493 CLASSIC SPACE Space Command Center (1979) ** ** **

All pieces and a copy of the instruction manual are included.

NOTES: Wow. The original classic space base. We love this set and it definitely needs to be included in every classic space collection!! This set has definite variation in the shading of the bricks from being over 30 years old (some of the blue bricks have a definite yellow tinge, and some of the blues range from a light faded blue to a dark shiny blue). All the gold is missing on the bricks with the space logos, and all of the space minifigs are missing all the gold on their space logos, and all the minifig faces have scratches or are fading, but all the chinstraps on the space helmets are intact. One of the blue tails is missing one of its teeth, but all the others are intact. NOTE: THIS SET HAS ONLY ONE GRAY ANTENNA AND MOST OF THE TINES ARE INTACT ALTHOUGH ONE DOES HAVE A CRACK AND IS FRAGILE! Note also that the red translucent rounds are the ones with the hollow studs!! The crater plate has some warping and yellowing. The crater has definite yellow spots from sun exposure and there is also a marr on the the crater as well. None of the studs are damaged but one of the studs has a black smudge mark. The crater plate is also dusty and grimey. All that being said the
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