Lego Bionicle Technic 8536 Kopaka Complete Figure Instructions

I am a Bionicle mom. That means I truly have Bionicles coming out of my ears!! I have over 150 of them and a HUGE chest of hard to find parts, instructions and empty cases. It is going to take me a LONG time to list them all, so contact me if there is something you want and don't see listed yet and I will try to list it for you. This also means that I am NOT a dealer. I have gone over the joints to make sure none are split, checked for chew marks and I have checked all parts against catalogs and websites that have parts listed and have made every attempt to make sure that what you are getting is the complete item with no missing or broken parts. A FEW of my photos may show a wrong part, because after I took all of the photos and disassembled them I checked inventories AGAIN and found that I had a wrong length axle or a wrong colored one in and replaced it with the correct one. So if you are concerned, ASK! But the problem was most likely corrected. I also assembled a few of them backwards, because I am not a kid who plays with these and knows what they are doing, so forgive my ignorance! The best way to have the perfect toy for your collection or gift giving experience is to ask me and I will do what I can.
Lego Bionicle Technic Toa kopaka #8536 Complete Figure, Instructions Manual is in very good condition.
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