LEGO City Police Station (7498) Missing 4 pcs EXC

Up for auction is the LEGO CITY Police Station #7498. Set has been opened & played/built by our son. Set comes with original box & 4 instruction manuals. Set is missing 4 pcs & 2 stickers. Originally came with 783 pcs but with 4 missing pcs now only has 779 pcs accounted for. The 4 missing pcs per LEGO'S website are: mini head #893, mini head #645, wig boy orange-brown/dk.ora & the blue diamond 1 of the crooks is holding on the front of the box. The 2 missing stickers are 1 window sticker & the sticker that is at the edge of sally-port #2. 4 stickers are shown in photo that do not have enough adhesive backing to stick anymore & a few of the stickers still applied are starting to lose there stickiness. Manuals #3 & #4 are in excellent condition. Manual #1 is missing the last 2 pages which are the last 2 steps but only involve the attachment of the tires. Manual #2 is missing the back cover. The original box is in ok condition with a lot of scuffs & scratches & creases & where the box was opened the flaps are pretty rough. Still a very playable set as seen in photos. Set will be unassembled & seperated into zip-lock bags, 9 total bags for your building pleasure. Item ships USPS. No International Sales. Any questions just ask.

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