Lego CUUSOO: Hayabusa Satellite, 21101

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For your consideration, is Lego CUUSOO's Hyabusa. This set is fashioned after the very first satellite to successfully intercept an asteroid. This set is detailed and significant. Not only can you have a great time building, but you can learn scientific history and the ins and outs of an actual satellite.
Lego says: "Build and display the first unmanned asteroid explorer!"
"Create a detailed display version of the technology that changed scientific history! In a 2003 mission, this Japanese spacecraft went deep into space to successfully collect asteroid samples and return them safely to Earth – without a single person on board!
"Selected by more than 1,000 LEGO® CUUSOO members from Japan as the most-demanded model, this build features cool solar panels, moving equipment, a satellite dish and gold elements. Includes a display stand with name labels, minifigure and detailed history booklet."
- Features minifigure, baseplate with display stand and name label
- Details include rare solar panel design, satellite dish and gold elements
- Recreate the first unmanned asteroid explorer!
- Build the model that more than 1,000 LEGO® CUUSOO members requested!
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