LEGO ~ FUN-MIX ~ 100 pc lot + MINIFIG ~ Parts/Pieces/Bricks etc ~ SEE DESC~ C3

LEGO Bulk Lot~100pcs + Minifig ~ Bricks,Plates,Speciaty, Parts Pieces & More~FUN-COLOR-MIX~

I think buying LEGO s should be FUN ~FUN ~FUN ! And I think that when you purchase LEGO s, you should get LEGO s. That is why I will hand pick your make sure you get a fabulous mix of genuine LEGO Parts, Pieces, Plates and Bricks...and of course, ONE COMPLETE MINIFIG .

I do NOT just scoop a bunch of LEGOs up and put them in your bag...I actually follow a "recipe" so that you get MANY DIFFERENT TYPES of pieces.

In addition to the standard colors , this lot will include a few fun-color pieces.

***see FAQs below***

These come from many sets that range from the late 80's to some that are more recent. Some of these sets include: StarWars, Pirates, Potter, Castle, Ocean, City/Town, Space, Adventure, Old West, Pharaoh Ninjago and more.

I took a few photos of the huge box of LEGO s that I will pull your lot from { sorry ... you don't get them ALL! :o) } ...I mixed it up a few times so you can (hopefully) see that there are a ton of different sizes , shapes and colors (I've added several more large lots to this box since this photo...including LOTS more fun colors) . Your set will include everything from tiny pips to small , medium , and larger pieces. You'll get some specialty pieces,
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