Lego Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Harry and the Hungarian Horntail (4767) Used NR

Lego - Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Harry and the Hungarian Horntail (4767) Used, not complete. Parts missing are: 1 each 370726 / 2 each 373726 / 1 each 302826 / 1 each 4183043 / 2 each 4183060 / 1 each 4211639 / 4 each 4211414 / 1 each 4260753. I have a few parts which I believe to be included which will ship with this set. Some of the missing parts may be available through Lego.
Note: All characters originally included with the set ARE present. This includes Dumbledore (with extra beard piece part number 4225778), Mad-Eye Moody, Harry Potter with broom and a little bat. Parts of the Dragon are present as well.
As for the "entire set", I checked each part / quantity of part/s off a parts list retrieved on-line. (I am not certain this parts list captures all parts, as I found a printed tile piece which mounts above the characters on the "platform" stand, which was not listed on the downloaded parts list; I found one each of three of these "printed" tiles). I hesitate to say I was 100% accurate when validating. The set comes with the original instruction / assembly manual. The parts list was not in the original instruction; thus the download of the parts list.
Set is sold "AS IS" with no guarantee that I did not make a mistake during my parts validation process. We accept PayPal only and do not ship outside the continental
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