Lego Indiana Jones 7620 7621 7625 7626 7682-16 minifigs

Lego Indiana Jones Sets 7620 7621 7625 7626 7682

This is a HUGE auction with 5 great Indiana Jones sets. The bidding on this NO Reserve/ FREE Shipping auctions is starting low. These sets are used and have been gently played with and displayed. I believe there are at least a few pieces missing from each set, so I'm selling as incomplete. The vast majority of the pieces are there, however, as I hope the pics show. The minifig of Indy in the white suit is included in the auction even though it is not on the main pic - (The picture of the Shanghai Chase set shows this minifig.) For the sake of space, sets may be mostly disassembled for shipment - Instruction books for sets 7621, 7625, and 7682 are included and I think in instructions for the other 2 sets are available on brickfactory dot com. 16 Minifigs are included in this auciton including 4 Indy figures - (3 standard, and one in the white suit)

Set 7620 Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase Highlights: This little set packs a lot of great features!! Indy Minifig with Hat, whip, and satchel pack, 2 motorcycles (one with sidecar) and Great Minifig of Indy's Dad!!

Set 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb Highlights: This set has 10 snakes, the great Golden Ark of the Covenant, 2 movable Anubis statues, 2 minifigs, and lots of detail and movable features that make
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