Lego Lot 50+ lbs Star Wars Indiana Jones Power Miners Creator + And 200 Minifig

All from one house, one collection. I have kept this massive lot together so that there is a better chance all the pieces are here to build some of the sets represented by the manuals (though I obviously cannot guarantee same). There are more than 100 manuals including Star Wars, Indian Jones, Power Miners, Ninjago, Castle, Batman, Sponge Bob, Exoforce, Racers and Creators. I have not picked thru this lot other than to remove all non-lego pieces. (I truly would have no idea what is valuable and what is not) so the minifigs and pieces for each set have not been removed by me. Again, I cannot guarantee all pieces or minifigs are here for all manuals. I have listed the manuals below; I looked up a few and found they go for quite a bit of money ! Some of them are Star Wars 10178, motorized Walking At-At (this set is partially built and the remote is here and lights up). There is also 7675 AT-TE, Republic Cruiser and 10144 Sandcrawler. Also here is 8961 Power Miner Crystal Sweeper, Batman Robin's Scuba Jet, Ninjago Truck Ambush and 9444 Cole Tread Assault. I hope you will take the time to look at my list - you will see that together, this lot represents thousands of dollars worth of lego sets, if complete. Also included are around 200 =/- minifigs. (This is an estimated count - I will not accept a return if my count is incorrect. Please ... read more