LEGO Mars Mission MX-71 Recon Dropship 7692

Today, Up For Auction, We Have From LEGO, The

LEGO Mars Mission MX-71 Recon Dropship 7692 From 2007

Previously Used - Missing (2) Pieces (1) Small Black & (1) Orange -

Includes Instruction Booklet & Missing Original Packaging/Box

Product Features

· Cruising across the Martian surface on tactical missions, the Recon Dropship can deliver and retrieve ground mining vehicles from anywhere

· The Dropship has shooting function and moveable wings and cockpit - The small mining vehicle can be dropped off or picked up by Dropship

· Storage chambers for loading captured aliens and crystals can be linked to other sets

· Includes Recon Dropship mining vehicle, alien attack ship, 2 astronaut minifigures and 4 alien minifigures that glow-in-the dark

· Contains 435 Pieces

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

LEGO® Mars Mission MX-71 Recon Dropship (7692) - Drop into battle! When the going gets tough, the Mars Mission team calls in the MX-71 Recon Dropship! Cruising across the Martian surface, the dropship can carry captured aliens back to base and deliver its mining vehicle cargo anywhere it needs to go. Includes Recon Dropship, mining vehicle and alien ship! Includes 2 astronaut minifigures and 4 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures! Fire MX-7
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