Lego Mindstorm Robotics

This auction is for one of the first Lego Mindstorm Robotics sets. It has been opened and most of the parts are present the key items sensors, cables, etc are present along with the various wheels and other parts. The control box yellow works when batteries are in place and you push the red button and then the green one a man comes up. The battery box is nice and clean as is the set. This set includes the instructions and software. What you see is the item tha will ship.

Please review the picture and ask any question you may have prior to bidding this will insure that t is a clear understanding of the items being offered. This is an AS IS auction so t are no returns on this item.

Due to increasing number of 0 FeedBack bidders I now require all bidders with 0 feed back to contact me with name and all shipping information prior to bidding. Non compliance will result with bid cancellation. Additionally, if you have O feedback you must issue a payment of 50% of the opening bid price via PayPal prior to bidding. This will be refunded if you are not the winning bidder, if you are the winning bidder I will credit the payment towards the winning price. This is only available as an option once you have contacted me. Again this ONLY applies to all the zero feedback bidders whom have decided they want to bid. Additionally,
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