Lego Mindstorms Robotics System 2.0 #3804 All Here

This auction is for one of three LEGO Mindstorms Robotics System 2.0 systems. (This is not a NXT set) The serial number of the first RCX is 620565. The serial number of the second RCX is 773064. The serial number of the third RCX is 587958. All of the parts are here, we replaced anything that was missing, it may be another color but they are the same piece. Every piece has been counted and tested. It has the 2.0 RCX, a copy of the 2.0 CD, the 2.0 Constructopedia, the USB IR tower, the motors, mat and the sensors.

There is no corrosion on the terminals for the batteries in the RCX's. I have been asked why this is important - once there is corrosion on the terminal it weakens it. Once it is weakened the batteries won't stay in place. If the batteries dislodge then the robot stops! So make sure there is no corrosion before you buy one!

+++ This software does not work with Vista or Windows 7. See system requirements below! ++++

We will either ship it (1) in its original box which is in fair to good shape or (2) in a Flat Rate Priority box. If you choose (1) we will protect it inside another box and the shipping amount is via the shipping calculator lower on the auction. If we ship it in a medium flat rate box. It will cost $13.00 in the US. If you buy two sets we can put two sets in one large flat rate priority box.
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