NEW Lego Minifigures Series 4 - Sealed Case/Box #8804 w/ 60 Minifig Figure Packs

Welcome to my listing for a brand new and factory-sealed case of Series 4 Lego Minifigures. One case (which can be opened to double as a store display) contains 60 individually packaged collectable minifigures. Series 4 consists of 16 unique figures, each available nowhere else (a typical case includes 2-5 of each figure, but no particular distribution is guaranteed); this series is now discontinued and no longer available in stores, making these figures increasingly hard to find. The Series 4 minifigures are a colorful bunch, and sure to add spice to your lego collection. Each figure comes with the tools of his or her trade, from the Artist's paintbrush and palette, to the Punk Rocker's purple mohawk and groovy electric guitar, as well as a display plate and collector's leaflet. A list of all 16 minifigures (and their accessories) follows: Lawn Gnome (beard, cap, and fishing rod with line)Soccer Player (silver minifigure-shaped trophy) Ice Skater (cloth skirt and ice skates) Werewolf (gnawin' bone) Viking (shield, axe, and horned helmet) Sailor (navy cap and telescope) Crazy Scientist (spiky hair and beaker of his secret formula) Kimono Girl (ornamental fan) Street Skater (rolling skateboard and cap with brick logo) Hockey Player (helmet, hockey stick, and ice skates) Hazmat Guy (protective gear and chemical backpack with spray ... read more