LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Lot of 4!!! SETS 4194, 4192, 4181 & 4191,NEW!!!

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean

Lot of 4 sets!!!

** Whitecap Bay **

Set 4194

746 pcs.

Includes 6 minifigures: Jack Sparrow, Philip, 2 Mermaids (Syrena & a green mermaid), Scrum, and a Pirate

Set has a light brick and includes a poster!

Lego description below:

"Snag a sea siren without destroying Whitecap Bay! Captain Jack Sparrow and his band of pirates are lying in wait, plotting tocapture one of the mysterious mermaids of Whitecap Bay. Hide inside the lighthouse, then use the searchlight to spot them in the murky depths below. Shoot the net from the boathouse cannon when they get close to shore! Beware of the whale oil barrels tipping nar the open flames!"

** Fountain of Youth **

Set 4192

128 pcs.

3 minifigures - Blackbeard, Hector Barbossa, & Jack Sparrow

Poster included in the set!

Lego description below:

"The race is on for the legendary spring of eternal life! Captian Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Blackbeard clash cutlases as they figt to be the first to taste the magical waters. Will Captain Jack Sparrow get to the Fountain of Youth first? You decide!"

** Isla De Muerta **

152 pcs.

4 minifigures - Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow, Hector Barbossa, and Skeleton Barbossa
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