LEGO Racers 8192 Lime 8193 Blue Bullet 8194 Nitro Muscle 8195 Turbo complete set

Brand New in original sealed plastic box
Complete set of 4 (four)
LEGO Racers (Tiny Turbos):
1. 8192 Lime Racer

This racer is ready for some serious off-road action!

With a huge V8 engine and massive tires, this Tiny Turbo is ready to race! Have even more fun by adding it to a LEGO® Racers fold-out raceway, or create the ultimate racing truck by rebuilding it with 8194 Nitro Muscle!

Rebuild this tiny but tough truck with Nitro Muscle to make one monster truck! Keep your Tiny Turbo on track with the fold-out raceway! 2. 8193 Blue Bullet

There’s no challenge too great for this sleek pocket-sized racer!

This Le Mans-style Tiny Turbos racer has aerodynamic lines and slick tires to ensure a victory on even the toughest course! Race into even more fun by adding it to any of the fold-out LEGO® Racers sets, or create a cool racing truck by rebuilding it with 8195 Turbo Tow!

Race your super sleek racecar on the fold-out race track, then rebuild with Turbo Tow into a super fast race track! 3. 8194 Nitro Muscle

Super-wide tires for super-fast racing!

Extra-wide tires and a turbo-charged V8 engine make this Tiny Turbo stock car super fast, even on tight turns! Multiply the fun by adding it to any fold-out LEGO® Racers set, or create a tough racing truck by rebuilding it with 8192
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