NEW Lego Series 10 Complete Set 16 No Mr Gold UNOPENED

Factory sealed set from a non smoking home. You will receive one of each of the following:
Sea Captain
Bee Suit Girl
Trendsetter (Diva)
Motorcycle Mechanic
Baseball Player (Fielder)
Roman Commander (Centurion)
Revolutionary Soldier
Paintball Player
Sad Clown
Warrior (Amazon) Woman
Decorator (Painter)
Tomahawk Warrior
I have been collecting the Minifigures since Series 1 and have verified each package by carefully feeling for each accessory/body part. I know these figures better in the packages than out. :)
Each set is carefully pulled straight from the case and NOT pulled from a bin where others, not handling with care, have mistreated them. Do not take a chance on other sellers' Minifigures that have been cut open to verify the contents. Razor blades can cut the fabric capes of the Roman Commander or scratch printed detail on other parts. Do not take additional risk of pieces accidently falling out of opened bags. Purchase here and be the first to open each package!
Shipping is FREE and ships within one business day, usually the same day the payment is made.
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