Lego Star Wars Large Lot - Sponge Bob Blocks - Soccer - Must See !

This is a lot of Lego Blocks, books and boxes.
The lego blocks are from Star Wars, Sponge Bob Squarepants and Soccer.
The blocks are in very good condition.
The Star Wars Blocks are about 90% of the lot.
The instruction books are 7778, 7671, 7660, 7667, 8014 and 7607.
The Star Wars boxes are 7671 and 7670.
I don't know if there is enough blocks to build the sets.
There are no mini figures with the Star Wars Lot.
There is the Lego Sponge Bob Chum Bucket set number 4981.
You get the box, instruction booklet, a few mini figures and blocks.
I don't know if there is a full set of blocks to build 4981.
There is the Lego Soccer set 3422 with box, instruction, 2 mini figures and blocks.
I don't know if the set is complete.
This grouping was bought all together.
There is about 8.5 Lbs. of blocks.
Check out the photos and ask questions for the grouping is sold as is.
Feedback will be left after feedback is received.

The 2 Star Wars boxes have no blocks in the.