Lego Star Wars UCS Y-wing Attack Starfighter 10134 - 100% Complete, Excellent

This auction is for the legendary Lego Star Wars Y-wing Attack Starfighter 10134 set from the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS). I hand counted all of the pieces and this set is 100% complete. The set also includes all stickers, neatly applied, including the UCS name plate sticker in very good condition (see pictures). This set was released in 2004 and the Y Wing is a classic original trilogy Lego set.
Please note that picture of the assembled set is a stock photo. All of the rest of the photos are of the actual set I am selling. Do to unfortunate circumstances on my part, I inadvertently disassembled the set without getting proper photos first.
All pieces are in excellent condition. The set is 100% complete, which I verified by both building the set and by checking the piece inventory in the instructions. The instruction manual is in very good shape. You can see in the pictures that the UCS name plate sticker is in very good condition, as are the other three pieces with stickers. And if you don't like stickers on your sets, I have an extra one of each of the three stickered pieces so you can assemble the set sticker-less if that's your preference. I'm sorry but I no longer have the box for this set. The set is currently disassembled for shipping, stored in ziploc baggies organized by color for an easier build. This set
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