Lego white inverted specialty hulls wedges boat airplane modified Lot#762

what you see is what you get. assortment of sizes!
Please note: ***I broke out a lot of sets/large amount of legos. I try to go through them very closely to pull out any other brands other than Legos but a few may sneak in.
***I also do not have the time to clean them all before listing them so they may appear dusty or dirty but they can easily be cleaned.
***I try to throw out any pieces that appear very scratched or broken-- but again some may sneak in. Some will have some wear and tear at times from play, but I do try to list only the decent ones. But again, sometimes pieces will have scratches/dents/cracks that have gone under the radar.
***I try to throw out any severely discolored pieces, but when it comes to certain colors (like greys), it is hard to tell if that is the tint or not. But if it is very obvious, I try to take them out. Sometimes I just leave them in if it makes sense because someone may want them regardless and it's just a few pieces.
***Printed pieces sometimes are just stickers. I try my best to disclose it but it is hard to remember all the details. I often will leave stickers on the pieces because 1. it takes a lot of time to peel them off and 2. someone may want them with the stickers on it. Most stickers come off pretty easy, it is just time consuming for me to take them off
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