LEGOS - Complete 26 X 12 X 5 1/3 Small Boat Hull Black / Green 20.5 cm long

Lego Legos -- This Item measures 20.5 cm long and is made up of 13 parts and features the following:

Two LEGO ship sections Bow (front) and Stern (back):
Bow: Black Boat Hull Small Bow 12 x 12 x 5 1/3 Complete Assembly, Top Color Green
Stern: Black Boat Hull Small Stern 14 x 12 x 5 1/3 Complete Assembly, Top Color Green
It comes with 2 GREEN 2x4 bricks that are used to connect the sections together and 6 GREEN 1x4 plates to build up small walls on the sides of the ship and 2 GREEN 2x10 plates and 1 GREEN 2x8 plate used as crossbeams.
This boat set is perfect for any Lego Marine enthusiast and leaves lots of room to expand! Turn it into a pirate ship, an oil tanker, a cruise liner, or whatever your imagination desires. If it is looting on the high seas you're after be sure to check out the cannons we have in our store!

This Complete Assembly Set would make a wonderful gift for any Legomaniac!