is the March 1948 issue of Railroad Magazine w the BIG feature article is on the Lehigh Valley Railroad and the town of Delano, Pennsylvania. Entitled "Delano: Portrait of a Railroad Town", the big article covers the early history of the town and the Lehigh Valley whose large shops were in the town. It was the center for Lehigh Valley rebuilding and maintenance operations. Delano was founded in 1861 under the dark clouds of the Civil War. In 1865, the first passenger train was operated out of Delano to Mahanoy City. The entire history of Delano and the Lehigh Valley is along with some very rare photographs. VERY hard to find history!! Other key articles are: 1. Rapid Canyon Line--the Rapid City, Black Hills & Western railroad--very obscure history and photos, 2. Vulcan Decapods for the Turkish State Railways--Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes Barre, PA built several Decapod steam locomotives for Turkey--all the details are , 3. Movie Station--the Inglewood Railroad Station in California, 4. Eat Meself Strike--true story about Italian track gangs on the Canadian Pacific RR, 5. British Columbia Electric Rolls On--history and photos, 6. Singing Brakeman--true story from the Rock Island RR, 7. Locomotives of the Panama Railroad--roster, plus MUCH MORE to include dozens of period ads, news-of-the-day snippets, trolly line history, fiction, ... read more