Lehmann-Gross-Bahn LGB 20501 G-gauge Train Set Rare

Up for auction today is a Lehmann-Gross-Bahn, “The Big Train”, 20501 G-gauge train set.

I will describe this train set as best I can, but I am not a train set collector. If I miss detailing some part or feature that is important to you, please ask questions and I will do my best to answer them.

This set comes in the original box. The box measures approximately 20.5 inches wide by 22 inches high by 6 inches deep.

What’s in the box:

2020 Engine

4021 Gondola

4042 Matra Heavy Breakdown Crane

LGB 5003/110 Transformer

No. 1100 track sections (12)

Instruction manual and assorted papers (picture 9)

Engineer figure (1) *

Worker figures (2)

Passenger figures (2)

Parts shown behind figures - picture 8 (don’t know what they are)

*Engineer figure looks like he originally was glued in place in the engine cab but popped off.

The box itself looks to be in good condition generally, with some damage to the 20501 sticker. At some point, someone also used masking tape to seal the box. Both are visible in picture 1.

The train, tracks, transformer, etc., look to me to be in excellent condition. I saw one ding on the engine cab, above and to the right of the number 2 visible in picture 3. The only reason I even
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