Leica Leitz Tele-Elmarit M mount 90mm f/2.8 lens

I have a used, vintage Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm manual focus lens for M-mount cameras. This lens has a max aperture of 2.8, and a min of 16.
The lens comes with front and rear caps. The focus is smooth and the aperture turns and
I have used this lens for years as a portrait lens, it works but has some issues.
Issue 1: There is a ding on the filter ring. Please look at the photos. It is bent out enough to allow a filter, but it will be tight.
Issue 2: The Tele-Elmarit Haze. The front element of this lens has some haze in the center of an inside element. I tried to get a photo of this, but it is really hard. (although easy to see if you are holding it in your hand.). Never saw any direct result of this in images, but it is definitely there. I am assuming this is haze, but I suppose it could be a strange type of element separation. But it looks like the haze to me- just be aware that the front element has issues.
Issue 3: There are marks (very small scratches) on both the front and rear lens. This is an old lens and these marks are about normal for a lens that has been used throughout its life. Please see photos, but realize it is very hard to get every mark into a photo.
Let me know if you have any questions! This makes a great, tiny portrait lens for your Leica- or with
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