Leica M3 M4 M6 Rangefinder Camera Strap ~ BLACK STRONG~

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The Camera Hunter Description is my all time favorite camera strap. It really dresses up your camera. This is one of the better ones you will find. It's quite unique and the craftsmanship stunning. These straps were popular in the hey days of the Leica, Nikon, Canon, Contax, Rangefinder cameras. I am not sure who exactly made them but they are made in Germany. This is top quality merchandise, made nice and strong. T is no manufacturers name. The rings will attach directly to your cameras strap lugs. Behind the rings is a piece that keeps the camera from being rubbed up by the strap. The strap brand new. The total length is 38 inches. This is sure to provide you with a lifetime of faithful service. Carry your camera comfortably and securely with CLASS!!
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