Leigh Wade: Pioneer Pilot; 1st Around the World Flight

Item Description

This is a thick stock 6x9 profile signed by Leigh Wade, one of America's pioneering pilots. It is in excellent condition, and is signed in pencil by this outstanding pilot and American hero.

Biographical Highlights

In April 1924, 3 years before Lindbergh soloed across the Atlantic, Leigh Wade and seven other young courageous Army airmen took off on a 26,000-mile journey around the world. These men were the first to circumnavigate the earth by air, the first to fly across the Pacific, the first to fly across the Yellow Sea, and the first to fly across the Atlantic from east to west. They also established the fastest airtime between Tokyo and Paris.

Born in Michigan in 1896, Wade enlisted in the National Guard in 1916 and served along the Mexican border during operations against Pancho Villa . Although not attracted to airplanes, he chose the Army's aviation program as the best means of earning a commission. After flight training in Canada, he served a brief tour in Fort Worth, Texas, before sailing to France in World War I. T, he flew all types of airplanes in all sorts of weather as an instructor and test pilot.

After returning to the United States, he gained experience in testing aerial navigation instruments and also set an altitude record of 25,341 feet in a twin-engine
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