Leitz Stereo Polarizing Microscope Serial No. 709919

Unusual stereoscopic polarizing microscope of typical high-quality Leitz manufacturing standards from the late 1960s. This was made circa 1967-1968 for professional scientific use and the stand is very strong and heavy, weighs 12.5 pounds with the stage. Overall the scope seems to be little used, in very good condition, and worthy of any collection.
Based on the serial number, this Leitz stereoscopic polarized light microscope was manufactured circa 1967-68. This professional-quality stereoscope was made for specimen orienting investigations in transmitted polarized light. There are built-in slide-in polarizers (analyzers) for each viewing tube (two total) and a rotating stage with a substage rotatable polarizer. All moving parts seem to be smooth and relatively effortless, except the ocular separation is a bit stiff due to hardening of the original lubricating grease. The scope comes with a pair of G 8x eyepieces (oculars) with retention clutches, so they do not fall out, and one ocular is adjustable for astigmatism. Included with this sale are three pairs of slide-in achromatic objectives, plus the built-in 1x achromatic pair, as follows: 1x objective pair in very good condition, built-in; 2x objective pair in very good condition; 4x objective pair in very good condition; and, 8x objective pair in very good condition except
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