Leklai Ngern Yuang,( Silver Leklai ), Miracle Tath

Leklai Ngern Yuang,( Silver Leklai ), Miracle Tath from Kuhasawan Cave Temple,Ubonrachathani
From Luang Poo Kamkaning Chulamani , Kuhasawan Cave Temple,Ubonrachathani.
Been Blessed.
The legend of lek-lai is described in ancient sacred books that in the time as old as the Atlantis continent, there was an ascetic named Kalaikot, who attained a high state of serenity via meditation. This ascetic caused an element which could become either solid or liquid and could disintegrate or cohere to gather on the wall of the cave where he was inhabiting. Another ascetic, who reached the same level of meditation and whose name was Kassapa did the same thing.And after both of them transferred their power into this element, it became magical. Other ascetics later followed this practice as a tradition. That is why many pieces of lek-lai have been found in remote caves.
Lek-lai comes in various shapes, like a capsule, a tiny ball, a turtle, etc. According to gurus, this magical amulet can be divided into twelve categories. For example, Lord of the Jungle lek-lai has a glossy black colour, particularly when under light. It has the ability to contract and expand. Oozing lek-lai has a greenish black colour. It exists in narrow spaces of some caves. This type of lek-lai is sometimes dubbed "the King of Metal" because it contains a
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