Lemax SPOOKY TOWN-Shady Hollow Funeral Parlor-RARE

Awesome Collection going up....This is one of 8 lots I will be listing of the very collectable Lemax "Spooky Town" Houses. Scenes and Accessories. Over 22 houses-scenes and tons of accessories are going up for sale!!

This is a serious collector who is liquidating her collection...DON'T MISS A SINGLE POST!!

All items are in excellent condition unless other wise noted. We have also checked that all items were in working order at the time we took the pictures. All Houses, and Scenes are in their original boxes.We took a group picture of everything that is in the lot, along with up close pictures of the houses and scenes out of the box and the acessories that will be included in the sale.

#1 SHADY HOLLOW FUNERAL HOME (LIGHTED HOUSE) 2000 (RETIRED) This is an early Lemax piece one that every serious collector needs. House lights up with ghosts that float by the windows

#2 TOMB OR SIR EDGAR GOODBODY (LIGHTED HOUSE) 2002 Creepy tomb that lights up with a green glow

#3 UNDERTAKER'S CARRIAGE SET OF 2 (POLY RESIN SCENE) 2000 Another early piece this one is a must have with the funeral home. Set of 2 carriage and free standing undertaker

Misc Acessories- RARE-Headless pumpkin horseman, Set of trees, Undertaker, Grim Reaper, Skeleton and grave stones

This is an amazing grouping!! Please
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