LENA LIU Flower Fairies Plate Collection - COMPLETE SET

Up for auction is a beautiful Bradford Exchange Plate Collection by Lena Liu titled Flower Fairies! Created from an original work by this renowned artist, crafted in fine precision and embellished with a fairy wing border decorated with 22-karat gold, these plates were produced under the hallmark of W.S. George. Look closely at this collection and you'll see an assortment of tiny angels, fairies, elves, unicorns and mermaids playing in the colorful flower arrangements. All plates come in their original packaging and each one has its Certificate of Authenticity.

First Plate-"Magic Makers" - Plate #1834H; Bradex #84-G20-121.1 " Magic Makers marks my 5 th anniversary as a plate artist. Thank you for sharing in this flight of fancy. Lena Liu ".

Second Plate-"Petal Playmates" - Plate #3693E; Bradex #84-G20-121.2 " Combine the sweet perfume of flowers with the magic of fairies and what do you hear? The enchantment of Petal Playmates ".

Third Plate-"Delicate Dancers" - Plate #248D; Bradex #84-G20-121.3 " Delicate petals dancing in the sunlight - how easily they turn into fairy ballerinas ".

Fourth Plate-"Mischief Masters" - Plate #14907A; Bradex #84-G20-121.4 " The lush greenery of a bouquet - a perfect place for emerald coated elves to play ".

Fifth Plate-"Amorous Angels" - Plate #5610A; Bradex #84-G2
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