Lenox Butterfly Meadow Tea Set with Teabag Holder

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Stackable Tea Set with Teabag Holder

Steep your tea... and keep it hot. Place a teabag in the generous cup, pour in hot water from the teapot, stack the teapot atop the cup, and your tea will stay hot while it steeps. A sculpted butterfly serves as the finial of the teapot's lid. And t's a butterfly-shaped holder for your used teabag. The set makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys tea.

Crafted of white porcelain

Hand washing recommended

Includes teapot, oversized cup, and teabag holder

Introduced 2006 ,


Height of teapot: 7", capacity: 18 oz.; height of cup: 3", capacity: 12 oz.; length of holder: 3 1/4"

Winning bidder must make payment within 3 days of purchase or notify me of payment method .