You are bidding on a Lenox Classics figurine called "A Serenade For Snow White". This 70th Anniversary Edition, 7.25" figurine is inspired from a scene in the classic story of Snow White. Grumpy and Dopey serenade Snow White. After the huntsman tells Snow White to flee into the woods, she is lost and frightened. Soon she is befriended by the woodland creatures who lead her deep into the woods to a small cottage owned by the seven dwarfs. The princess and the animals band together and clean the cottage, hoping that the good deed will convince whoever lives t to let Snow White stay in the house. After the seven dwarfs return from a day of work in the diamond minds, they find Snow White asleep. The dwarfs agree to let her stay and they grow to love their unexpected visitor, who cleans their house and cooks their meals. After supper, the dwarfs often serenade her with jolly songs. Dancing, singing, accordion playing, yodeling, and merriment accompany the music. The woodland creatures watch through the open window, moving to the rhythm. This is brand new. just released and is in original boxwith certificate of authenticity.