Lenox Dream of Dolphins "Wave Divers" Figurine
This figurine is part of the Lenox " Dream of Dolphins Collection." These Wave Diver Dolphins playfully reveal their grace and beauty in this remarkable, hand-painted sculpture which captures the sleek shapes of these aquatic showmen. Let them take you away as they swoop through the sparkling sculpted waves of translucent-resin that hold and reflect the light.
The two diving dolphins are portrayed in bonded porcelain. As delicate looking as glass, this is far safer to touch and display. Perfect for home or office, it stands 8-1/2 high.
Thiscollector's piece radiates joy-full dolphin energy and is a great giftfor anyone who loves the majesty and beauty of the sea and the magic of dolphins.
Created for the well respected LENOX collection, the current edition of the "Dolphin Dreams" figurine crafted with the same technique is retailing for $190. This piece was created in 2000, has sold out, increased in valu e, and is hard to find.
This item is in mint condition, has never been displayed, and is still in the original packaging with the certificate of authenticity in it's plastic sleeve.
Buying, Paying, and Shipping:
Due to the prolific scamming that is occuring, many of us have had to become much more careful concerning buying, payment and shipping
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