Lenox Spice Carousel Set W/ Wood Display Rack NR

Lenox Spice Carousel Set W/ Wood Display Rack *NR*

This listing is for a Lenox Spice Carousel set. It consists of twenty-four spice jars from 1993 with a spice rack. The spice jars are about 4" inches high. These pieces are in excellent condition. No Chips or Cracks. The display rack is in very good condition with 1 small light scuff. All the inner protective seals are in tact. This listing has no reserve price so don't miss your chance to win!

is a list of the spice jars included in the listing. T are no duplicates and looks as they have never been used.

1. allspice 2. basil 3. bay leaf 4. celery salt 5. chive 6. cinnamon 7. clove 8. coriander 9.dill 10. garlic 11. ginger 12. marjoram 13. mustard 14. nutmeg 15. onion 16. oregano 17. paprika 18. parsley 19. pepper 20. rosemary 21. saffron 22. sage 23. tarragon 24. thyme