Two decks of cards, still sealed in their original packaging. These cards were made up and sold--and sold out at the opening of the Helmsley Palace Hotel in New York, and were no longer available. The cards depict Leona Helmsley in various fashion and places about their hotels. Some of the cards show an exterior of a given hotel, and Harry Helmsley is on the King Card of all four suits. The jokers are taken from a New Yorker Magazine cartoon, or a depiction tof. At the bottom of each card it mentions of which of the hotels the photo was taken. They are a burgandy or wine colored, trimmed in gold and white, with the Helmsley crown logo and Helmsley Hotels written in script. The edges are done in gold. The cards are in mint condition, as they are still sealed. I'm trying to remember, but I think t were One Thousand decks printed up, and I got 3 of them. I could be off on that, but that is w my memory is going. (If anyone is more knowledgable on this, let me know and I will revise for all to see. At any rate, this is a great collectible of Helmsley memorialbilia or for a rare card deck collector. Also included is a 14 page brochure of the Hemsley Palace Hotel (16 pages if you include the front and back facings). It depicts various roms in the hotel with descriptions and Leona is pictured in some of them. The brochure is in fabulous

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