Leslie-Henry CHAMPION Diecast Cap Shooter - 1950

Leslie-Henry CHAMPION heavy frame diecast cap shooter in nickel plated finish with original horsehead grips. Manufactured 1950. MS / DA / ROLL / REV. 9 inches in length. Finish retains 98% or its nickel plating. This is the heavy frame mode with the square edged trigger guard and higher iron content in the diecast metal. It's heavier that the later CHAMPIONS. Original grips have no chips, no cracks, and no warping. See pictures. Listed TG-67 in "Backyard Buckaroos" Collecting Western Toy Guns by Jim Schleyer.

This is an excellent collectors piece and is SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Please ask any questions, I'll be glad to answer. Sold as is. Per Ebay policy, this is a toy and cannot be made to fire a projectile. Per Ebay policy, this toy has the blaze red plug inserted into the end. First item is $8.99 shipping and each additional item is just $2.00. I have several other cap shooter listings ending this week! Thanks for looking!