is a beautiful large California gold nugget, placer mined from tertiary gravels near Sonora, California.

An excellent solid chunk of a nugget with a pretty inclusion of rose quartz on one side. A gorgeous specimen, the winner will be very happy.

Gold nuggets of size are rare, and while gold placer flakes and dust are worth about the current spot price for gold, q uality gem grade specimens are worth much more, and they are bought by collectors and jewelers just like precious stones.

Did you know that 98% of the all the gold in the world is recovered as only microscopic particles by huge mining operations that move mountains of earth for small percentages of gold per ton of rock.

The highest operational cost of these mines is fuel, and with oil prices continuing to rise the federal reserve and investors say that gold will be over 850. per ounce by 2008, this increase will mean huge profits for people who own gold and gold specimens.

Our ruler is in inches, and the weight is 8.32 grams.

K ind thanks, ~ Josh and Amy

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